Nursery Decor : playful animal series

I’ve been playing with different styles of drawing this year, which has been fun, and mainly due to inspiration from special events happening plus the desire to channel my artistic powers into something that myself or others enjoy looking at (or wearing).

We went to visit a sweet baby in our family this past weekend and I wanted to make something special for his nursery in lieu of bringing toys or clothes which he could outgrow faster. Yes, art is something that will eventually be changed out as the little boy grows older, but I hoped it would be colorful and bring happiness and inspiration to him. As it turns out, Oliver’s favorite toy now is a little lionzinho, so I was so pleased to hear that his beloved toy matched the lion in this original ink and watercolor piece I made for him.

Doesn’t it fit in nicely on that window sill? Oliver’s Mom and Dad loved the frame, and I think he will too!!

Comment below or send me an email if you would like a similar piece for your little one and let’s talk :). It will be fun! Or, visit the listing on my inspireebys shop page for details.

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