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Summer Nights in Boston – music at the ICA & mini passionfruit donuts at Trade

During the summer, Thursday nights at the Institute of Contemporary Art on Boston Harbor features music groups and a fun crowd if you’re in the know and are looking for a low-key place to catch up with a friend, maybe dance a little (as you’ll see in the videos – young and old were out and enjoying!), and have a few bites to eat.

Since tomorrow is Thursday, and summer nights such as these are winding down to a close, I thought I’d get the word out about this great, fun, and FREE thing to do in Boston.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I made it a girl’s night out and sat on the bleachers, saw the beautiful sunset, some interesting outfits, and a man blowing giant bubbles over the edge of the harbor. We enjoyed the mix of samba, jazz, and contemporary music and had a good time.

Want to see what’s next on a Thursday night for the rest of the summer? Visit the ICA’s site here

    The night called for light snacks for dinner for me – I particularly enjoyed the red pepper feta dip – I should recreate it at home! Hummus, pickled vegetables, lemon ricotta, olives, and pita completed the mezze platter.

Lots of people came out.   I didn’t want to go back into the stuffy T, so we decided to explore and try some dessert at Trade, nearby in South Station. We enjoyed these little intense pops of flavor, mini doughnuts with passionfruit curd and wild blackberry sauce to finish out a fun evening.
 Hope you enjoy the videos with little snippets of music, and be sure to check out the free music, Thursdays on the Harborwalk if you’re local to Boston!


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