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Celebrating 75!

What do I do when it hits a high of 75 degrees in Boston? Find any excuse to get outside. I took the opportunity this evening to explore a vinyasa flow yoga class in Inman Square.  I had been wanting to check out a yoga class as my … baby steps towards working out. It … Continue reading

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God Thinks About Us

Although I haven’t been posting any spiritual enjoyment too lately, rest assured, I have been still been enjoying scriptures. On Saturday nights, I’ve been enjoying spending time with junior high and high schoolers to get into the Word together and develop their relationship with God. We eat, catch up, laugh, sing, and fellowship together. It’s … Continue reading

Five Blessings
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Five Blessings

Today, I enjoyed tremendously (meaning: I was really, quite filled with joy) reading about the Lord Jesus’ resurrection and what that means for us as those people who believe into Him. I’m almost done reading the book of John (I’m not reading the Bible in order, just studying it in-depth at my own pace) – … Continue reading