The Wellness Tray // how to make your own + gift it to someone you love
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The Wellness Tray // how to make your own + gift it to someone you love

A Wellness Tray is a designated spot which houses items which make you feel cared for, nourished, peaceful, refreshed, relaxed and able to sort through and process anything, emotionally or physically that you need to.

I like the idea of a Tray because sometimes you might want to take some special favorite items with you to a different spot that feels right, and a tray makes things portable, but not permanent, but also brings adequate definition to the practice of going to your Wellness spot. Particularly in small spaces in city living, it becomes harder to designate distinct spaces for living, sleeping, eating, so it is helpful to have a grounding, defined spot with a tray that lets you know you’re in a specific, created space ready for relaxing and wellness to relax you, one sensory experience at a time. Continue reading

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New Use for Old Things : Classic French Tote to Laundry Hamper

There comes a point when a tote falls out of favor, you know, the moment when you no longer reach for it as your everyday carryall as you rush out the door. Whatever the reason, be it style, season, or a hole in the bag, totes can be one of those types of things that … Continue reading