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a little chocolate education

~ A few things you should know, should you ever run into … Gianduja]


The Suspect:

GIANDUJA (sometimes goes by the alias of Gianduia)


What it sounds like:

[pronounced zhan-doo-jah]


This strangely spelled word is chocolatey goodness.

A little description:

A European-style chocolate made from chocolate and nut paste, commonly hazelnut. Can be in milk or dark chocolate forms.

… and used as the flavor for Toscanini’s rich and creamy gourmet ice cream which is still sitting in my freezer and some of which completed my dinner!


~ On Ice Cream ~

What’s New England without local creameries and ice cream shops open year round, (yes, winter included) until at least 11 pm? Not New England at all, I say.

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