Note on Songs – Audio Updated

Some of you may have visited my “Songs” pages, located on the Home page, and seen a few of the songs I’d written last year, which had lyrics and guitar chords, but no audio (which is quite important, for obvious reasons). I’d hesitated for a while to put an audio file up, mainly because although I have editing software, I don’t have any nice recording equipment, microphones, etc and might well be embarrassed to share, well, just me and my ol’guitar.

But, as I know that I’ll probably never get such recording equipment – after all, this isn’t exactly my career – I decided to share some audio files with you all anyway so that you can appreciate the songs a little and enjoy singing and playing them with a little more ease, if you so desire. I hope you are encouraged and uplifted by them, whether you are particularly musical or not. 🙂

Morning Revival Song

Psalm 110:3

My God is Excellent

I did record some nicer quality ones on my phone, however (let me tell you, that was SOME adventure through technology wizarding) my phone records with some foreign format that is unrecognizable by WordPress, at least, and most other music players. So, I triumphantly found a media file converter, converted files to regular mp3s and then discovered that there was a monotone and rather irritating female voice-over advertisement every 10 seconds on top of the music file, and not merely at the beginning and end of the file (which I had again, triumphantly cut out using another music editor).

Ultimately, I re-recorded for the umpteenth time and must apologize for the really, terrible quality. I just hope that you’ll be able to get an idea of how the songs go – that’s all!

As I said, I’m exploring all sorts of gadgets and softwares these days.

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