inspiree by s

inspiree by s is NOW OPEN!

inspiree by s is NOW OPEN!

Dear friends,

You may have noticed the menu option on the homepage of bluebootsgo, “shop::inspiree by s,” and wondered what it was.

inspiree by s is NOW OPEN! We specialize in making custom handmade specialty note cards and uniquely designed jewelry, but also have other pieces of art as well.

I am realizing a dream of many years and finally taking the BIG step of opening my own business, so I am very excited to share it with you all.

Welcome to Inspiree by s!

about the store name: my style in all that I create is partly influenced by my aesthetic as an artist and also partly by my love for all things French. In French, “inspiree” means inspired, as each of these pieces are, by me, s.

The pieces I sell are all handmade by me. Each one is special and tells a story, and will become a part of yours.

visit our site by clicking on our fabulous new logo, and visit our facebook page and show some love!

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