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Happy Blues


A little tidying of my vintage dresser this morning revealed a pleasant corner view. Within the last year,  I have somehow collected quite a variety of empty vases of a decorative nature,  most of which I have not purchased but have either inherited or adopted (“No! It is so pretty! Don’t throw it out! “). The blue jar has a tea light at the bottom of it and was originally a part of a friend’s wedding centerpiece, but we adopted it and re-purposed it several times in the last months- first as a flower vase, then as a candy jar, now as a hurricane.

The swirls in my travel jewelry bag (which came out of near-Goodwill retirement for our recent trip because of its capacity and compactness, mimic the handmade coaster that this pretty, scented pineapple and ginger candle from Archipelago stands on.

A clear dresser is a nice way to start the day!

Happy Wednesday.

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