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Hymn-a-Day: 81

The next hymn is #81. It’s the only hymn in the category, Praise of the Lord- His Eternity.

I try to avoid posting more than one stanza from a hymn on Hymn-a-Day posts, but in this case, inclusion of more stanzas is warranted 1)since it’s the only hymn of this category in my hymnal, and 2) it helps to round out the topic to have a few supporting stanzas in order to make it more enjoyable to read and not just a brief wisp of an idea. I bold-type my favorite lines below.

Praise of the Lord-His Eternity

Day  26 – 81

2. Although a man with men become,

Yet Thou with God eternal art!

The same completeness Thou dost share,

And infinite as God Thou art!


3. Thine origin, the same as God,

Before creation was decreed!

Before the foremost, Thou art first,

None other doth Thyself precede!


4. Thou never changest thru all time, 

Thy years are to eternity!

None is as lasting as Thyself,

Nor is there any after Thee!

Stanza 4 most obviously relates to readers/(singers!) the idea of His Eternity most clearly.  Stanzas 2 and 3 reference a number of scriptural verses that I’ve come across before which describe the aspect of eternity of the Lord, and are a bit more mysterious and less obvious than the 4th. Together, they come together nicely and convey a beautiful spiritual poetry in this hymn.

Have a wonderful day!


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