inspiréebys has NEW business cards! 

Share the joy – we have great beginnings ahead with a small, loyal, and growing client base.


I started this small business, based in Boston, MA, to share the art and designs I make with people who love them. It’s not my full time job at this point, but I truly enjoy creating pieces that are inspired by all the great moments I pass through and the awesome clients I get to design for.

That’s why business cards are exciting – I’m building my brand and sharing the news with you and others is the best spring beginning!


One of the readers right here on Where the BlueBoots Go really inspired me to keep taking my work to the next level – she loved A Stroll in Paris,

ordered one, and asked for a custom order, A Stroll in Berkeley, to be made for her as well. I want it to be perfect, so if you’re reading this – I haven’t forgotten and I am expecting it to be done soon!!  Thanks so much!! 

To say “thank you !” for the support, all our first customers (both pre and post business cards) are getting a selection of these lovely designed cards in the mail. They function as referral cards so that prior client referrers and anyone they refer both get 10% off on their next purchase. 

Also, if any of you fabulous readers know of any artisan fairs that you think inspiréebys would be great at, send me an email at and I’d love to hear from you!    heers! Share away, and I’m looking forward to great new beginnings.


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