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3 beautiful questions to ask yourself to guide and motivate you today 

It’s a chilly Monday and I thought I would share with all of you a few words of wisdom shared by Latham Thomas,  the keynote speaker at the spectacular Farm to Table dinner at the W.E.L.L. Summit I attended in early November.

 She spoke with great kindness and presence to a room full of appreciation and representing  varied experiences – those seeking fulfillment, health, satisfaction, community, entrepreneurship, support, friendship. She spoke from the position of empowerment.

She asked us to reflect and consider how we were designing our life to meet our goals. Latham encouraged us to punctuate our day with self care, however we received care the best. She inspired us to appreciate where we have come from and grow to where we want to be. Retreat is not only going out to a separate place of quiet and peace, but also going within. There can be a peaceful, nurturing place within special for each person.

Then she asked us to consider the following questions. Picture yourself as a young, tender shoot. 🌱Perhaps, you’re even pushing concrete after a hard winter. Yes? Are you with me?

Think. 💡💭

1. What condition does it take for me to thrive?
2. How have I broken through barriers to the light ?
3. How am I designing my life to support my goals?

With the personal answers to these questions, to cultivate life that is meaningful to you, you have to show up every day to weed the garden. There may be influences, people, even who are rocks in your garden and stifle your flourishing. It’s hard, but it’s needed. So just show up every day. Tend the garden. Notice the changes, acknowledge them, and keep coming back.

Be encouraged!


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