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Welcome to the On the Table Podcast!

What is the On the Table Podcast?

A gastronomical + scientific series exploring how the experience of American food culture during childhood shapes adult tastes.

Here you can find a linked list to all the On the Table Podcasts, where each feature “dish” is under 10 min.


On the Table with Dr. SanaeEpisode 1 – June 21, 2018: Setting the Table: Why does it matter what kids eat?

On the Table with Dr. Sanae – Episode 2 – Kids’ Tastes….Do they become Parent Preferences? Hello, Taste Buds! Learn about taste buds from the womb to today in under 10 min.

On the Table Collective with Dr. Sanae

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On the Table with Dr. Sanae

Welcome to On the Table. New Podcast drop on Thursdays.

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