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Citrus Fig Cookies

I’ve been wanting to make desserts – that craving, if you will, has taken me by force again – that involve dates, figs, or apricots. My mediterranean is showing, I know! So, here are the citrus fig cookies! I meshed basics of a few recipes together. The texture of the cookie is soft, not to … Continue reading

Cappucino Swirl Cookies
Culinary Creations / Culinary Creations and Recipes

Cappucino Swirl Cookies

Ever since I got a book of 300+ cookie recipes for $4.95 at the Harvard Coop, along with a new cookie sheet, I’ve been trying out recipes with ingredients I can find around the kitchen. If I had white chocolate, I could have cross-drizzled some on the tops of the cookies. Made these last week. … Continue reading

Culinary Creations and Recipes

Hearty Spiced Fruit and Oatmeal Cookies

  There is a short story that goes with this recipe… Once upon a time, three college students, myself included, wanted to make a standard batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to fulfill the dual purpose of a) distracting them from piles of mounting studies, and b) sending them to a dear friend in a … Continue reading