A Strawberry Thought and Happy Marathon Day Wishes!
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A Strawberry Thought and Happy Marathon Day Wishes!

The weather outside is quite lovely. I can hear cheering outside for the Boston Marathon runners,ย  even with the windows closed. I’m a bit surprised, but also relieved that there are soldiers out alongside the police presence, even on my residential street. While I was out earlier, I ended up at a Whole Foods I … Continue reading

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Sardius Curry

my friend-i.- and I whipped this together for another friend of ours last month. I had a little fun with it at the end. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our reward for a fun photo or two: sampling the mini portion I plated. Main: Homemade sardius curry (aka, red curry)with curry shrimp, chicken, onion, tomatoes, veggies, ginger, one jalapeno … Continue reading