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Cheers to you, Tulips.


This spring, I have a new and fresh appreciation for tulips. Just walking down my street, I have seen light purple and white tulips with curved, turned out ends, like done-up hair of 50’s poodle-skirt wearing girls. I’ve seen ones as large as these lovely bodum orb tea glasses that we love. I’ve even seen bright orange and lavender ones. Before this season, I noticed tulips in passing as the most affordable blooms to pick up at Trader Joe’s ($3.99!) in white, yellow, pinks, or purples. I’ve noticed their presence at the Boston Public Gardens, or their famed recurrence at festivals in the Netherlands. But this spring, I was caught off guard. I’ve appreciated them so much, that I wrote a short poem dedicated to them.

20130502_123741 20130502_123752

tulips, wide eyed and curious

open their mouths

boldly, cupping sunshine

bringing warmth close

and concentrated

in their open hearts.

They are unafraid,

empowered, even

to bloom in the most intense light.  

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