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Snow is a-swirling, so is cookie butter! {recipe: challah cookie butter french toast}


For those of you who don’t live in a place where it snows, you can find a short video clip of today’s swirling snow. I asked myself this morning why I live in such a place where I have to go clean off my car, trudge to work without getting blown off course, or shovel myself out on days when I forget it takes extra time to arrive to places in the winter (all memories that are fresh today as stinging snow or ice…). But, there is also a beauty to it.

I prepped this Challah Cookie Butter French Toast last night, letting the fluffy, thick slices soak up the flavors and popped them on the skillet this morning. B hid the Trader Joe’s cookie butter from me after one episode where I insisted that if I ate them with apple slices it was OK. So, so as not to waste food – and one that SO MANY people love from the looks of the onslaught of cookie butter ice cream, cookie butter spread, cookie butter cheesecake, and probably other goodies that have arrived this year at the market – I thought it would make a nice caramelized blend with french toast. It did.

Here’s the scoop:

1 egg (I’m into the cage-free, omega-3, large brown eggs these days. gotta get those OMEGA-3s!!)

~1/3 cup of milk, but I never measure – I just go by the shade of yellow in the mixing bowl

1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

1/4 tablespoon ground cinnamon

dash of pumpkin spice

3 tablespoons of cookie butter, microwaved for 3o seconds

2 tablespoons of butter for the pan

beat it all together with a whisk and soak overnight

then do the french toast thing and heat them up in the pan (I use a cast iron pan – this is THE ONE pan that we use. It was a wedding gift brought for us from our friends who flew all the way from Germany to be with us, and we use it almost every day). until the outsides are crisp but not burnt. Careful, the butter can heat up fast and over do it.









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