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A Casa – Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels & Parmesan Sea Salt Pretzels

I haven’t posted in a long while (busy with Real Life), but YES, here it is: another treat off of my “Chalkboard” Menu has been tried with success!

It was the first time for me to try to make pretzels, and actually, also my first time to voluntarily use yeast in a context outside of a laboratory (although to be fair, as is the case in my family of food-lovers, the kitchen is our “laboratory” to make fun edibles).

make the dough

after rising, divide into approximately 12 equally-sized portions of dough

yoga for dough. make the pretzel form/ pose 🙂

the biggest one of all

I had a lot of cinnamon sugar in a bowl just WAITING for this (from the last snickerdoodle endeavor). Finally, their purpose was fulfilled to be delicious coating for a pretzel!

I baked the cinnamon sugar on instead of dusting it later. I'll try the latter next time.

parmesan and sea salt, nestled with cinnamon sugar

sweet dough

my roommate commented, "mmm Auntie Anne, make us some parmesan and garlic." - "I can do that," I replied. 🙂

these are my favorites, now. savory and delicious. I love cheese. (No explanation necessary)

bread of any kind is a challenge... but isn't it nice that you can make it at home, affordably? There aren't any Auntie Anne's around here that I can find.

in conclusion: cinnamon sugar was used up, bread and cheese craving satisfied, and a challenging feat (for me) accomplished. All in all, success 🙂

I generally followed this recipe from for the basic pretzel.

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