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Bar Boulud {eating out Boston}

Having heard about restauranteur Daniel Boulud’s NYC creations (first from this entertaining NYTimes video special) which took root in Boston this year, I spotted it from above, through the glass at Crate & Barrel (one of my favorite spots), while I dream-browsed for furniture. B and I decided to make a date of it and went specifically to try the made-to-order madeleines that I tracked down via the online menu. Our adventure came on the heels of an entirely disappointing trip for madeleines which were cold, not fluffy, and not that delectable (sorry to say, at Café Madeleine). I’m not writing a review of Café Madeleine, as I haven’t given it a fair tasting, and, giving them the benefit of the doubt, it was close to the end of the day than the beginning. We enjoyed not one, but TWO, baskets of lemon-vanilla, powdered-sugar light and blissful bites of madeleines for a very affordable $6 a basket. They were accompanied by conversation, decaf coffees, a very sweet dessert wine (I didn’t enjoy it, but B did), and a Pineapple Coconut Coupe with pineapple, lime biscuit, passion crémeux, coconut foam, orange tuile.




Pineapple Coconut Coupe – flavorful, with a variety of pleasant textures which work together


necklace: a boutique in Grenoble, France :)// sweater: Ann Taylor// Belt: Anthropologie, sale //Lippy: Nars Satin Lip pencil, Hyde Park //smile: me, happy for madeleines 🙂


The madeleines are kept warm in a artfully-draped towel.

Although I didn’t photograph the lounge and dining areas (we ate in the lounge), I do wish to compliment the establishment on the positive effect of its design choices. The chairs in the lounge were a plush, red velvet with ample support for the seated, and there were a variety of types of seating arrangements. Above, the ceilings have wooden installations reminiscent of being inside of clean, new wine barrels as overhead lights filter through. Modern art graces the walls as well and the service was gracious.

I’ll certainly be back for more madeleines – a super deal and excellent in flavor – and can’t wait to try some of the other yummy dishes on the menu (although our date night was late, we almost gave in for a second dinner because of the choices!!).

Have a terrific Wednesday!


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  1. The pineapple dessert is amazingly delicious looking. And seeing the Madeleine’s coated in sugar makes me want to have some now. 🙂 Looking forward to your next delectable post!

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