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March Highlights on BlueBootsGo

 March was a busy, busy month. But, I still made time for special things.

Here’s a recap of March in pictures and blog posts:

  • Found a lovely lipstick by stila.
  • baked delicious zucchini blueberry bread
  • my business cards came in for inspiréebys (pronounced, “ehnspeerey” and meaning “inspired” by s, who is me 🙂 )
  • painted for my littlest cousin-in-law
  • Toscaninis came back with my all-time fave ice cream – blueberry lemon
  • worked very hard for a talk I gave at the American Society of Nutrition, and planned some fun outfits along the way.
  • was reminded, God is faithful.
  • had a fun friends dinner at casa B for tapas.
  • cooked some new recipes for tiny toasts and asparagus with pistachios, dates and honey and much goodness.
  • went to NYC (posts with reviews of yummy places upcoming!) and found the happy place :), sockerbit.

Have a wonderful Thursday! Lots of great content lined up, so you are welcome to follow along! 🙂


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